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How to adopt

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Kitten Adoption

For more information about an adoptable cat, click on the cat's name or picture in our list of adoptable cats to go to our Petfinder website, read all about the cat, and watch the cat's video.

You can also contact the Pet Refuge at 401-294-1115 or petrefuge@verizon.net for more info about adopting a furry friend.

Cat Adoption Application
The Cat Adoption Application is available in PDF or Microsoft Word. To complete the application:

  • Print the PDF or Microsoft Word version of the application, fill it out by hand, and then bring it with you when you visit the Pet Refuge.

    To print it in PDF, you must have the Adobe Reader software.
  • Open the Microsoft Word version of the application, type your answers on it, and select the appropriate checkboxes. (NOTE: To select or de-select a checkbox, double-click on the checkbox and then select the appropriate option.) Save the application and e-mail it as a file attachment to petrefuge@verizon.net.

You can also fax the application to us. Our fax# is 401-294-4963.

Select a file format:

  • .doc (for Microsoft Word 97-2003)
  • .docx (for Microsoft Word 2007 and later)
  • .pdf

Adoption Fees
For adoption fees, contact the Pet Refuge.