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Uno and Dewey

Thank you so much for brightening our lives with our 2 new kittens.

Mickey is now Uno, and Andy is now Dewey. We chose these names as a play on 2 things: Carol is Italian, and uno and due mean one and two; then, there was a wonderful book published several years ago about an orange tabby abandoned in the book return slot of a library in a town in Iowa. The librarian named the cat Dewey (for the Dewey Decimal System), and we think our orange kitty looks like him. So due became Dewey.

They are thriving and eating up a storm (yes, Uno still pushes Dewey away from whichever bowl he's eating out of; I have to keep picking him up and putting him in front of his bowl.)

They love to chase each other and wrestle. Uno is a purring machine. Dewey likes to watch TV and chew shoelaces. They both go wild over my red laser pinter.

God bless all of you for what you do!

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