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We brought home fuzzy Tumbleweed in January, a few weeks after adopting Bellie and Bee Cee. He quickly made himself at home, and after a few days of getting to know the other 2 cats, he dove right into the constant games of chase that take place in our home. He and Bee Cee became fast friends, and are often found giving eachother baths and snuggling close together (that is them squished together in the cat bed).

Tumbleweed is a little bit of a goof, he scoops his food out of the dish with his paws to eat it and loves to stick his paws under any closed door he finds. All 3 cats have learned this game and we have learned that when all the cat toys have gone missing, just open the closet doors to find the treasure trove of mice and furry toys. Tumbleweed and Bellie, while not as close as the other two, often play kitty tag and seem to enjoy eachothers company.

Each of the 3 cats have extremely different personalities, and they are each so special to us. We can't imagine going back to life before cats as they bring us so much joy. Thanks for taking such great care of the cats at the refuge, we think because of the attention and socializing you gave them we were able to integrate the 3 cats more easily, and now they are all friends.

We are so thankful for places like yours, you give animals a chance to find love and a home (or a safe shelter) who may not have been able to otherwise. We are grateful that our 3 cats were given that chance. Each day we check your website and vote for the Pet Refuge when you are participating in the shelter challenges. Keep up your great work, we know 3 cats who seem very happy and thankful to have been given a home where they are loved to bits!

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