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Quincy and Remy


After losing my two 15-year-old cats Molly and Maggie within a period of only a few months, I knew my home would not be complete without some more cat love. Quincy and Remy were 11-month-old brothers at the Pet Refuge who were emotionally too close to be adopted separately. It didn't take long for me to decide to bring them into my home.

For the first few days after the adoption, they spent some intensive time under the bed. I was able to entice them out for brief periods by introducing some fun-sounding toys and some aromatic cat foods. As soon as the lights went out at night, I could hear them cautiously venture from their hiding place to explore their new home. After a few days, they felt comfortable enough to prowl the entire house, even when humans were afoot. Soon they were chasing each across the full length of the house and settling together in a comfortable spot to watch the many birds, squirrels, and neighborhood cats that come to visit.

After Quincy and Remy were totally at home in their new surroundings, 12-week-old Daphne came from the Pet Refuge to join our home. She quickly made friends with Quincy and Remy, and now three kitties are happily participating in all the shenanigans that cats love to do. Quincy, Remy, and Daphne are true gifts in my life, and I will be forever grateful to the Pet Refuge for giving me the opportunity to enjoy a major dose of cat love!

No-kill Pet Refuge, operated by the North Kingstown-Exeter Animal Protection League, Inc.