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We are really impressed with your place and what you all are doing for those beautiful kitties. Purrsy moved right in without a problem, sleeps on our bed, away from the others for the first night but was too curious to stay closed in the day after... Met all the crew one by one, hissed and growled at everybody but by the afternoon she had been scampering in every single room (small house, not that many), played with all the toys, and ate all the food she could without getting sick.

Couple of days after and she walks around like she's been here for weeks, happy as she can be, so excited that she would only sleep a few hours, friend with everybody, I'm waiting for her to crash and sleep for days.

She is very happy and very loved.

Updates on Purrsy

She is growing perfectly and 'sporting' a long winter coat and fluffy tail, loves her food, her brothers and sisters and is loved back. She's a very unique kitty, very different from my other ones, we love her so much. Happy new year, hope you and all your furry babies are doing great.

Here's a few pics of miss Purrsy chronologically from the first day, rolling on the bed. I was calling her Itsy Bitsy as a term of endearment and now she responds to it, running to see me when I call her, I might have to keep it as informal name. I took the last pics this afternoon, she looks like a big kitty in the closeups, she has beautiful amber/golden eyes with a green center, just a gorgeous baby, very hard to take pictures of her, she's always running and jumping.

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