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First night with Julie aka Persia is going great! She's such an awesome girl! So mellow but she loves to play too! We just adore her!! Thank you for suggesting her to us!! :)

Update on Julie!

It's been about a month now and things are great! Julie is quite the investigator and explorer! She has tons of energy and loves to play......all day and night :)

Her and our other old boy Kiki are getting along great! They play together and even sleep in the same bed together with us.

We love her so much! Thank you for suggesting her.

Ps. She can jump to almost 5' from a sitting position. She is a circus cat!!

She also loves boxes. Any kind.

When she gets tuckered out (which takes a lot) she likes to sleep on us!

Julie likes to be wherever we are. She likes to "help" me sew.

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