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We wanted to drop a quick note and give you an update on Oliver (formerly known as Merlin). We were lucky enough to have found Merlin listed on your site shortly before Christmas, we had lost both our cats to illness and while we had three dogs running around – we felt as if the house was missing that feline presence. So, we began searching the internet, found your listing, and the rest as they say is history.

When Oliver first got home, he seemed pretty unsure about the rest of the crew – so he spent the first 4-5 days hiding from them and us (we gave him a nice gated area downstairs where he could settle in). After about 4 days, Oliver began to venture out more and more, but never stayed around too long. After about two weeks, he was fully integrated and let us see just how unique of a character he really is! Oliver’s favorite activities include: rolling on his back like his dog siblings looking for a belly rub, chasing us up the stairs and down the hall as if we’re in some sort of race only he knows about, getting cozy on the couch when it’s TV time, and maybe the most interesting of all – his fascination with running water of any kind (yes, including the toilet).

We have attached some photos so you can see Oliver in action. We really enjoy his company, and thank you for all your efforts in connecting us with such a great cat.

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