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Hope this email finds you well. Just wanted to keep you updated....

She is LOVING her new home and family! She is finally able to play with the others where I don't have to worry about supervision. They actually sleep all on the same bed. They are still getting adjusted but they know that she is here to stay and not just a visitor. (smile)

Cali (the calico one) is having fun running up and down the hallway with her chasing after balls (and sometimes at 2am - tee hee). Chester (orange tabby) is still a bit hesitant at times but I am certain in time...they will all be the best of friends. Chester was actually playing with her a little bit the other day.

She is an EATER! Oh my gosh! She can eat. And everything. The other day I left out some strawberries and she helped herself to them!

And she knows how to get into the toy basket because I have to pick up 20+ toys. She is funny and fun to watch.

She is just too stinkin' adorable. My family (mom and siblings) love her too. They actually brought over a welcome to the family basket with treats, food and toys. Talk about being spoiled. She loves playing with me - whether playing ball up and down the hallway or with the dangle thing (forgot what it is called at the moment).

Thanks again for giving her such a good home. I promise I will do the same.


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