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I adopted Zenith at the end of November in 2010. I renamed her Maybelle, and she comes when she is called, believe it or not. She is having the time of her life with me. We have had some difficulties with living arrangements, but I'm keeping her by my side no matter what.

She sleeps in my bed with me every night or she stretches out on the futon in the other room. She is the most playful cat i've ever seen....we play fetch for at least 2 hours every day. She likes when I fling a hair elastic, she goes to get it and brings it back and drops it. Maybelle is so smart...she even meows when she wants you to throw it. The only problem is that she hoards elastics all over my room!

Adopting her is the best thing I've ever done, and I know she appreciates it every second of the day. She never takes anything for granted, even though i try to spoil her rotten with stuff shes never had: toys, cat furniture, scratching posts, and treats. She growing...shes gotten so big since i adopted her.

I remember when she climbed out from under the bed and walked the length of the hallway she was panting...now she can run back and forth between my rooms and no pant at all...shes gained so much muscle from being able to run around.

Maybelle is so adorable, sometimes she is so cute i just want to squeeze her because she doesnt even know how cute she is most of the time. She just rolled over on her back wanting me to pet her tummy right now. Thank you so much for housing her until I found here, she means so much to me and I couldnt imagine myself without her. Even on my one day off a week, she wakes me up at 5:45am saying time to get up!

Maybelle is even warming up to the dogs that I am currently residing with...who would of thought? She used to be petrified of Davis at the shelter. Hope you like the pictures...

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