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I thought I would send you an update on "Barney" (we call him Max, now) who has been with us for about a month. As you can see he's enjoying himself, and is is not exactly the nervous type. He is, in fact, a real love-bug and keeps us laughing all the time. He is getting along very well with the dog and MOST of the time with our older cat--we're still working on that one!

His first few days were naturally a bit shaky--things like stairs and jumping up and down were new to him. When we left him alone to go into another room, he hid behind the pillows on the couch. It took about two days until he was in charge of us all and having a fine time. We enjoy him so much--even including our early morning wake-up call--this morning he landed on my face on the way to the window sill.

Thank you so much for running a no-kill shelter and giving him this opportunity. We know as a kitten who had been at the rescue for seven months he wouldn't have had much of a chance anywhere else.

He is, as we used to say back in the day, a trip and a half.

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