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Lianna in June of 2007

Lianna arrived at the Pet Refuge in March of 2007 after being rescued from a city pound. She was very thin and was having trouble breathing. Medical tests revealed that she had a very severe form of a heart disease called cardiomyopathy. Her veterinarian thought she would only live for a couple of months at most. Fortunately, she was placed in a very loving home with one of our volunteers where she lived for nearly four wonderful months before succumbing to the disease. Before her placement, Lianna had blood tests and an echocardiogram and was placed on several heart medications.

Cats like Lianna are not euthanized at the Pet Refuge. Instead, they receive diagnostics, medications, and specialized veterinary care when necessary. Sometimes they can be placed in adoptive homes, and sometimes they need to live here at the Pet Refuge.

Lianna had a short life, but we hope that she will live on in the love and care that we provide for the sick cats who come to us. Your contribution to Lianna’s fund will help us to care for these often-fragile cats who need extra-special attention and care.