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Katie is in bliss!!! We renamed Cara to Katie (after my grandma). Although Cara is very lovely and enduring, we wanted to dedicate the name to my grandma.

Despite the stressful car ride (as to be expected)...as soon as we let Katie loose in the house she jumped for joy and had a thunderous purring session! She ran throughout the whole house sniffing and purring and running and jumping. I initially showed her where her food dishes and liter box are and then her scratching post (that I put catnip on) to deter her from scratching the furniture! She is ecstatic--I don't think I have seen a happier kitty! We just love her! And you were certainly right--she truly wanted out of the cage!

We are SO happy you helped put us together and we will keep you posted in the months ahead with photos of our happy family, what a gift!

Update on Katie!

Thank you for finding me a family that takes good care of me. I wanted to write to you before, but I have been so busy! I thought I would share with you what a day in my life is like because I have so much fun! First of all, I live with a kitty, Pipa and a dog, Nala. Pipa and I are like sisters. Although when she first arrived I acted like she was my kitten. I gave her a bath and led her around the house so she would know her way around. I play hide and seek with her and we have a great time on the screened in porch that my family built for us. It has scratching posts and lots of toys. My favorite toy is a mouse stuffed with cat nip! Nala is also another favorite toy of mine. Nala is sweet and we play hide and seek with Pipa together. Sometimes I lick Nala's paws and cuddle up to her. I love to play with my sisters!

My vet is helping me a lot! She gave me a great diet to follow with lots of yummy herbs! Although, as you know, since I had a rough start in life I did have a few health problems that manifested, but I have been able to battle them all, I am very brave and strong! Now I am healthy and energetic. I love to play but my favorite pass time is resting with my sisters near the fireplace, well, I guess that is tied with watching the birds from the screened porch!

Thanks again for saving my life and finding me a great family that loves me SO much. I am very happy.

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