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Kai (shelter name Aaron), whom I adopted on Feb. 18th from your Refuge, is doing fantastic! He and his litter mates were born to a feral mother named Midnight back in Nov. 2011. Well, to say the least, Kai is loving life in our beautiful loft apartment on the farm.

He is VERY loving, snuggly, playful, healthy and most of all LOVED! He eats well. I have him on all natural Blue Buffalo foods and his litter box is all natural litter to help keep him happy & healthy. If I eat well, then Kai deserves the same too!

I have been able to clip his nails while he sleeps on my lap, he sleeps with me every night, loves to play with his toys and he fetches his bell ball toys like a dog, and brings them back to me to continue the game.

I think he chose me as well, the day I met him. He is a great edition to my life!

Thank you so much for all the hard work you all do there, with all the love from your hearts. If I know anyone who is looking to adopt, I will surely send them to you!

I have attached some pictures for all of you to see. Thanks again!

No-kill Pet Refuge, operated by the North Kingstown-Exeter Animal Protection League, Inc.