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Ella and Bo

We adopted Carmella and Carlo, who now answer to the names Ella and Bo, in April 2011. They are doing really well. Everything has happened at their pace. We are going to have them for a long time. It is difficult not to just scoop them up into our arms and hold and love them. When they are ready to allow something new they show us. We still have not been able to pet Bo but on occasion Ella will allow me to pet her. We do not want to rush them so petting and proximity have been what they want. They are cautious of us but not afraid. They use all area's and floors of the house. They love to watch the front loader washing machine and dryer.

Ella loves the red laser light and anything that reflects light. She has trimmed down a little bit with all the running around she does. Ella is the boss of everyone in the house. She is grumpy sometimes and can always be found at my heals at breakfast and dinner. If it is time to eat, she will find me and remind me that we are on her schedule. They are both very active.

Bo loves to play with the kitten (Xena) we got who is about 6 months old now. Xena plays very rough with Bo but he is so gentle with her. Bo is always playing with something. He is the most vocal. He actually sounds like a parrot saying hello….its funny. He doesn't meow. He is usually looking for Ella or Xena to play when he's vocal. He always allows Ella to eat before him. He is such a gentleman with gorgeous markings.

They are really great cats and really well behaved. They continue to make progress, even today Ella let me pet her from her neck to her tail. I was so happy. She lays on the bed often even if we are in it. They are definitely coming around to trusting people. If we have people over, they don't hide anymore. They have the entire upstairs to themselves (two bedrooms). Like most cats they love to sit in the windows. We hope you like the pictures and hope you can see how happy they are. They have definitely made us very happy. We will keep you posted.

At the very beginning...starting with a safe place, the closet in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

Ella just a little bit outside their safe place in April 2011

Bo on alert in April 2011 (close to, but not in ,their safe place...progress)

Now look at Bo, cool as a cucumber on the ottoman in his bedroom catching some rays.

Ella lounging in front of her favorite window in the morning sun. Not as cool as Bo, but getting there.

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