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This is just a quick note to let you know that Duchess has settled in well. The 1st night she was a dynamo-running high and low at warp speeds. She investigated everything and seems she approves. She is such a loving and sweet girl. She loves to pose for you to scratch her belly. She is not afraid of strangers, doesn't run and hide nor does she investigate but stays where she is...usually sprawled across the bed or couch. The grandsons came to meet Duchess and Duchess just loved them and they her.

I would say she has found a loving home and seems content. I just want you to know that your good work is so appreciated by your cats and new cat owners. I have rescued ferals for years now and know what an undaunting job it can be. Keep up the great work.

No-kill Pet Refuge, operated by the North Kingstown-Exeter Animal Protection League, Inc.