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I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Bobby’s initial transition is going just fine. He is so laid back that I am not worried about him and Boo. We confined him to one room for a few hours to let him get used to us and hopefuly let Boo relax.

About 9pm we let him explore the house. Bobby was so cute – curious about everything! He jumped up on every single surface and checked out every single corner. He seems very relaxed with us and his new home.

Bobby approves of our collection of cat toys and scratch pads. And he happily spent the night cuddled up to my husband (Bobby really likes my husband!).

He is so curious. You open a closet and he goes in. You open the dishwasher and he is checking it out. I opened the shower door and he was sitting there waiting to jump in and see what I had been doing. We have made a house rule that we don’t leave unless we see him to make sure he is not accidently locked in somwhere. So, it is not just the fridge that he likes to sneak into! He is Mr. Investigator.

Thank you for taking such good care of this guy. He is awesome.

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