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Hi. Just thought Id send you an update on Bear. He is having so much fun here. He loves the little felt mice and carries them all over the house. His favorite game is to kick or throw them down the basement stairs, race down after them and carry them back up, just to repeat the whole cycle. I keep hearing clunk, clunk, clunk as the mouse bounces down the steps. It is so hysterical.

He insists on burying all the food bowls. I walk into the kitchen and uncover them and he comes in later and buries them again by pulling the edges of the little rugs they sit on up over the bowls. He is too much. Bear is also a lap cat. He loves to lie half-on, half-off my lap as Im watching TV at night. But when hes hungry, he very insistently climbs all over me!

Hes getting along pretty well with the other cats. There is definitely some playing going on among them and recently there have been some play chases, so the relationships are getting better. Still room for further improvement though.

He is a sweet boy and very happy in his home.

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