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Bellie and Bee Cee

We adopted 3 cats from the Pet Refuge because we could not decide who we loved most. Isabella (now Bellie) and Jacey (now Bee Cee) came home together first. Bee Cee was immediately comfortable with her new home and played for 12 hours straight the first day she was home. In a few weeks with us she actually acquired the nickname "Buggy" because she always seems to have ants in her pants with her boundless energy.

Within a day of coming home, Bellie was used to her surroundings and us, and our girls were playfully chasing eachother around the house and looking to be pet often. They are wonderful cats, they love their toys, and have become very affectionate friends of ours. Bee Cee is the chattiest of our pets, she always seems to be talking to us, and Bellie is the queen B who seems to lead our furry little crew.

Bellie only recently started speaking, (we think she learned how to meow from Bee Cee), and she graces us with a sweet little chirp or a meow now and then. They are sooo frisky, and bring us TONS of love and laughs every day.

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