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I saw you on television asking for votes for the $100,00. prize/grant that will be given to the shelter with the most votes. So, Angus and I decided we had better get on it right away!!!!

Iíll be voting each and every day. Iíve already given you my first vote. Wish I had known about it earlier, though.

Angus is doing really well and is full of mischief, as usual. You should see him with our dog, though. Heíll go up to Cleo and put his little face all over her face and the poor dog gets up and moves just to get out of Angusí way. Cleo is 13 now and little kids like Angus makes her a little crazy. But she does put up with all of Angusí attention before it gets overwhelming for her and she has to move.

Iím including pictures of the boy on Motherís Day and other pictures as well. The grandkids were over on Motherís Day and guess who was the guest of honor????? The pictures will show them all in a circle just playing with Angus. He just loves all the attention, of course. Heís doing really well and we couldnít be happier with him. Heís such a funny little guy that you canít get mad at him ever.

Iíve enclosed more pictures for you. And, I will pass the word along so you can get as many votes as possible.

Angus sends his love!

Angus hanging out of box

Angus so happy in his little box

My baby boy

What a beautiful boy

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